Thursday roundup: License plate data, mental illness and slayings, more hotel churn

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  • November 1, 2012 - 9:38 AM

City now discarding license plate data after 90 days: Information on when and where vehicles were when scanners captured them had previously been kept for a year, but public officials quickly vowed to change that after the Star Tribune reported on the practice. (Eric Roper)

Man alleged to have used sword to kill mother, nephew: Murder suspect refused to say why he killed mother and nephew in vicious attack. Prosecutors hinted at mental illness. (Abby Simons and Paul Walsh)

Two downtown hotels change hands: Hotel Minneapolis sold for $46 million. New owners of nearby Comfort Suites plan renovation. (Janet Moore)

Teacher collapses during class, dies: Lori Blomme, 40, taught at Menlo Park Academy. Her family said she led a busy life and was in good health. (Paul Walsh)

Historic designation study urged for former Gluek saloon: A developer's bid to demolish one of the Gluek "tied house" saloons on the West Bank should be denied until the building is studied for potential preservation protection, the city's staff is urging. (Steve Brandt)

Gang threatens to kill Twin Cities cops in retaliation, police say: Threat seen as response to fatal shooting of drug suspect by St. Paul officers last week. (Chao Xiong)

Gore-Tex inventor gives $10 milion to U: Gift from alum Robert Gore will help pay for a major expansion of sciences program and building. (Jenna Ross)

Obituary: Fred Polkey, lifelong Northeaster who mastered accordion (Paul Walsh)

Uptown bank robber was right about going to prison "for a long time" (Paul Walsh)


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