Shredders are kept busy in Woodbury

  • September 22, 2012 - 5:44 PM

In the largest paper-shredding event to date, 541 vehicles came to the Washington County Environmental Center in Woodbury on Friday to destroy private financial information.

That's nearly an eight-fold increase over attendance at last year's event.

"People are concerned about security and have a strong desire to recycle," said Adam Frederick, a county environmental coordinator. Canceled checks and taxation forms constituted most of the paper received, and some charities brought pulltabs, he said.

Frederick said this year's event also was advertised in a "Growing Green Guide" that the county distributed to residents. The shredding program began in 2010.

The county-run Environmental Center, at 4039 Cottage Grove Drive, offers free disposal for household hazardous waste, recyclables and electronics. All Washington County residents are eligible.

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