Adrian Peterson's court case in Houston reset for early August

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  • July 13, 2012 - 12:09 PM

Adrian Peterson appeared in a Houston courtroom this morning for arraignment proceedings following his arrest last weekend inside a nightclub. The hearing was to be predominantly procedural. But according to the Houston Chronicle, Peterson’s case was reset for Aug. 6 as he faces misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest.

Peterson was arrested early Saturday after an altercation with club security. Houston police contend that the Vikings running back was confrontational and became physical with an off-duty officer when asked to leave the club at closing time. Peterson spent several hours in jail, formally charged with resisting arrest and was released on a $1,000 bond.

Details of the incident remain vague. But since Monday, Peterson’s attorney Rusty Hardin has been on a national media blitzkrieg to advance his client’s version of the events and quell the negative publicity Peterson has received.

Hardin contends at least four witnesses not affiliated with either Peterson or the Houston police say the Vikings running back was not causing trouble, never pushed or shoved any of the officers and didn’t resist the authorities.

Hardin also asserts Peterson was “jumped” by over-aggressive officers and punched at least twice in the head. Peterson’s face was swollen after the fracas and his shoulders wrenched, according to Hardin.

As the case proceeds, Hardin is asking prosecutors to take a hard look at why officers wanted to arrest Peterson in the first place. The Vikings’ star is not charged with anything beyond resisting arrest. Yet to deliver a case with any sort of weight, Hardin contends the prosecution will have to show there were legitimate grounds for trying to arrest Peterson to begin with. And Hardin has been adamant that any allegation that Peterson initiated the scuffle with police is false.

Hardin hopes prosecutors will eventually drop the charges against Peterson before trial but has acknowledged that best-case scenario could still take several weeks to play out. The Vikings are due to report to training camp in Mankato on July 26. And it’s presumed Peterson, who’s still rehabbing from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, will be at camp from the outset.

UPDATE: Peterson spoke briefly to reporters outside the courtroom this morning and said he is "200 percent innocent."

"I didn't push, shove, touch anything to anyone that night, especially an officer," Peterson said. "I definitely don't have a problem with the Houston P.D. This involves two individual officers that I have an issue with. Once everything is settled and (comes) to a head, the truth will come out."


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