Kerri Westenberg,

Minnesota resort for history buffs: Burntside Lodge

  • May 11, 2012 - 3:43 PM

Creak open the screen door of the main building at Burntside Lodge, with its pine paneling and stuffed wildlife, and step into a different era. Then head to your cabin for another brush with history. Burntside is on the National Register of Historic places not for one building but all of them: It is its own historic district. No surprise that the resort that began as a hunting camp in the early 1900s excels at old-school vacation delights. The lakeside resort boasts swimming, boating, fishing and a lakeside sauna, with no blaring TVs or Jet Skis. But there are important nods to the current century: sophisticated fare and wines in the cottage-like dining room, a cappuccino bar with fresh-baked pastries, even hydrobikes for a zip across the water.

  • 2755 Burntside Lodge Road 489, Ely
  • 1-218-365-3894

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