TFD: Schedule released, now it's just 10 easy steps to a Vikings playoff berth

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • April 17, 2012 - 6:17 PM

The Vikings schedule is out! OK, it's been out for months. But now it's IN ORDER! Here is the path to 10-6:

Week 1 vs. Jacksonville: W
Week 2 at Indianapolis: W
Week 3 vs. San Francisco: W (just like 2009)
Week 4 at Detroit: L
Week 5 vs. Tennessee: W
Week 6 at Washington: W
Week 7 vs. Arizona: W
Week 8 vs. Tampa Bay: W
Week 9 at Seattle: L
Week 10 vs. Detroit: W
Week 12 at Chicago: L
Week 13 at Green Bay: L
Week 14 vs. Chicago: W
Week 15 at St. Louis: W
Week 16 at Houston: L
Week 17 vs. Green Bay: L

Givens (not givens): Christian Ponder makes a huge leap; Adrian Peterson is a quick healer; Rick Spielman nails the draft.

Logic of the 10 wins: Jacksonville is bad. Indianapolis is rebuilding. The 49ers have the classic bounceback feel of an 8-8 team. Tennessee doesn't scare anyone. Washington fans will be booing Shanahan for ruining RGIII by then. Arizona is in free-fall. Same with Tampa Bay. Lions are still the Lions. Bears will give up 9 sacks. Rams are regressing.

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