School cell phone policy: use it, be prepared to lose it

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  • October 10, 2011 - 12:50 PM

Are you a Minneapolis Public Schools parent wondering whether your child should be carrying his or her cell phone, tablet or MP3 player to school?

Look no further. The district, with help from the CityWide Student Government, has approved a policy regulating the use of such devices in and out of the classroom.

For students, the rules are fairly simple: don't do anything you wouldn't want mom, dad or any other adult knowing about.

That shouldn't be a problem for elementary school children (grades K-5). They're not allowed to have a personal electronic device at school, on the school bus, or on field trips unless the parent and school have agreed to a plan.

In middle and high schools, the device must be turned off, out of site or in a holster unless a teacher grants permission. Use is strictly prohibited in restrooms, locker rooms or any room designated for changing clothing and students should not take pictures or video without permission from a teacher or other staff member. Also, devices should not be used to bully or tease, haze, start fights, cheat, plagiarize or any other behavior that violates district policy.

The new policy also outlines responsibilities for parents, teachers and principals. The district wants parents to advise their children how the use the devices prudently, not discreetly, and to support staff if a smart phone, iPad or other device is confiscated.

That's right parents. If it's taken, the district wants you to know you're partly responsible.

Here's a look at the policies:




Student Personal Electronic Devices Notice Ms v2

Student Personal Electronic Devices Notice Hs

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