– He may be third in line to the Imperial throne, but none of his new primary school teachers refer to 6-year-old Prince Hisahito as His Majesty.

The only son of Prince and Princess Akishino, the young prince enrolled this week at Ochanomizu University Elementary in Tokyo. He is the first male ­member of the Imperial family in the post-World War II era who will not attend Gakushuin Primary School.

The decision is said to be an effort by the prince’s parents to ensure their son receives an ordinary ­education without any special treatment. Because Prince Hisahito will one day succeed the throne, attending the primary school will help him prepare for life as a symbol of both the state and the unity of the Japanese people.

“Akishinonomiya Hisahito.” During the school’s entrance ceremony, a teacher read the prince’s name aloud without adding any of his titles — just as if he were any other normal student.

“Yes,” the little prince responded enthusiastically.

His teachers and friends at the kindergarten referred to him as “Hisahito-kun.” The school has said that at this point, it has no plans to treat him differently.

Yomiuri Shimbun

Romantic trip to Cuba makes some irate

The U.S. Treasury Department has begun ­investigating whether Jay-Z and Beyoncé violated the trade embargo against Cuba by traveling to the island two weeks ago for their wedding anniversary, according to officials and a person who helped arrange their visit. In a sudden, predictable controversy that proves the embers of conflict between Miami and Havana are never far from becoming flames, Treasury officials Monday said they were working on a response to demands for more information about the trip from two Cuban-American lawmakers from South Florida — Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart, both Republicans, who appear to be using the highly photographed visit to rekindle outrage about Americans going to Cuba for fun.


prezbillyjeff: Bill Clinton is now on Twitter, albeit without a very presidential name. Stephen Colbert lured the ex-president to the social networking site on “The Colbert Report” on Monday, signing him up with the handle PrezBillyJeff. Clinton dictated his first message to Colbert, who typed: “Just spent an amazing time with Colbert! Is he sane? He is cool!” Whether Clinton will continue to use the account is uncertain. Colbert’s hand is clearly in the account’s bio, too. It reads: “Stephen Colbert is my BFF.” By Tuesday morning, the account had amassed nearly 50,000 followers and was climbing fast.

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