Before they were politicians, musicians, writers and actors, these famous faces used to be teachers. How many celebs can you match with their teaching roles?


1. Paul Wellstone

2. Stephen King

3. Gene Simmons

4. Sylvester Stallone

5. Andy Griffith

6. Sting

7. Robert Frost

8. Sheryl Crow

9. Mr. T

10. Art Garfunkel

11. Billy Crystal

12. J.K. Rowling

Teaching roles

A. Taught music in Missouri.

B. Teacher-turned- comedian.

C. Taught at Carleton in Northfield.

D. Famous duo, taught math too.

E. Dreamt of wizards in class.

F. Horror in the classroom.

G. Long-tongue Harlem teacher.

H. Gym teacher pitied the fools.

I. Taught music, English and soccer.

J. Taught English before Matlock.

K. Action figure taught gym class.

L. Literary great, farmer and teacher.



1. Paul Wellstone (C) represented Minnesota in the U. S. Senate from 1991 until his death in 2002.

2. Stephen King (F) has set many stories in Maine, where he also taught.

3. Gene Simmons (G) taught in Harlem before Kiss.

4. Sylvester Stallone (K) attended college in Switzerland, where he studied drama and worked as a gym teacher.

5. Andy Griffith (J) was a teacher even before he was a TV sheriff.

6. Sting (I) was a primary school teacher in England before the Police.

7. Robert Frost (L) was called “Hen Man” by his students because the poet was afraid of chickens.

8. Sheryl Crow (A) paid the bills teaching before writing jingles and singing backup.

9. Mr. T. (H) was a gym teacher in Chicago.

10. Art Garfunkel (D) nearly earned a doctorate in math when “Bridge Over Troubled Water” became a chart-topper.

11. Billy Crystal (B) subbed for girls’ gym until he was able to get stand-up gigs.

12. J.K. Rowling (E), author of the Harry Potter books, once taught English.