Wayzata, which is American Indian for "north shore," has roots as a summer weekend retreat on Lake Minnetonka. Originally its cottages and hotels drew summer crowds for boating and fishing, but Wayzata eventually grew into a residential suburb of the Twin Cities.

Eat & Drink
March 29
Dubbed the "Land of New Restaurants" a few years, the Bellecour Cafe...

Wayzata restaurant openings show a hunger to dine out in the suburbs

So far this year, an estimated 700 new restaurant seats are coming in, and the boom shows no signs of slowing.
West Metro
March 27

Small Minnesota town featured in Coors Light Final Four TV ad

Minnesotans watching the NCAA Final Four this weekend may notice a familiar Lake Minnetonka city starring on TV.A Los Angeles production company last month shot…
West Metro
March 27

Ice-out declared on Lake Minnetonka two weeks later than expected

For all who bet on when ice-out was going to happen this year on Lake Minnetonka, Mother Nature threw a curve ball.Agencies patrolling the lake…
March 15

Orono debates tightening rules for special events after Lorie Line shows

The proposal would require a special event permit for a home that hosts four or more such events a year.
West Metro
March 11

Spring is almost here: Mississippi opens for navigation; area lakes ice-out

Early ice-outs across metro are setting records after warm winter
West Metro
February 28

After uproar from veterans, Orono keeps docks at Big Island

Veterans still want to see a long-term solution to accessibility to the island.
West Metro
February 7

Hennepin County looks to increase staff to prosecute, investigate sex trafficking

Funds sought to beef up county attorney's, sheriff's offices.
West Metro
January 14

From St. Paul to Excelsior, more cities rely on conservancies to fund public parks

According to a 2015 report, nearly half the nation's top 100 cities now have conservancies that are often driven by financial need.
West Metro
December 23, 2016

Lake Minnetonka to host pond hockey tournament for 5th year — no matter what Mother Nature does

Lake Minnetonka event has been altered by warm temps in past.
December 10, 2016

Orono reviews event policy after complaints about Lorie Line recitals

When is a private party a special event? The city is reviewing its regulations after neighbors objected to pianist's recitals.
West Metro
December 5, 2016

Developer of old Dayton estate pays $5k after cutting 54 trees

In a rare step by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, a developer must pay $5,000 for violating a permit while developing the former shoreline estate of the late Douglas Dayton.
West Metro
November 25, 2016
Woofington daycare director Monica Tantalean brushed one of the dogs i...

Pet boarding gets plush in west metro, complete with flat-screen TV, spas

Businesses appeal to dog owners who want to spare no cost to pamper their pooches, especially in west metro suburbs where pet spending and ownership is highest.
South Metro
November 23, 2016

Three Rivers District shifts plan to bring parks to the people

The suburban park system is changing priorities from building up parks and amenities to bringing the massive system right to residents.
West Metro
November 7, 2016

Hennepin County shifts child protection mission with new model

As child abuse cases rise, Hennepin County Board is considering plan to prevent it.
West Metro
October 17, 2016

Hennepin County's teen birthrates continue to decrease

Birthrate for Hennepin County teens falling faster than state's.
West Metro
October 10, 2016

Hot presidential race spurs record voter registration in Henn. Cty.

More than 740,000 Hennepin County voters have preregistered, breaking 2008's mark of 720,000 preregistered voters.
West Metro
September 20, 2016

Taxpayers in Hennepin, Ramsey counties can brace for a rate hike next year

Leaders in the state's most populous counties get their first look at 2017 budgets.
West Metro
September 17, 2016

More senior housing in west metro sparks clashes with residents

New suburban buildings too big for some neighbors.
West Metro
September 9, 2016

Road closures of County Road 101 along Lake Minnetonka slated to reopen this month

Construction began in 2014 and has rerouted thousands of motorists — until this month.
West Metro
September 5, 2016

Water Patrol unit grows to one of biggest, busiest in Minnesota

Boats puttered by slowly in a Lake Minnetonka channel Saturday as Deputy Shawn Eberle flipped on blue and red emergency lights. “Do you know why…
West Metro
September 2, 2016
A display of the area's high water levels was evident Friday below Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis.

High water prompts no-wake rules on Twin Cities-area lakes

Experts hope the new-wake rules decrease the chance for boating deaths, which so far are at an 11-year high.
West Metro
August 20, 2016
The Wayzata Bay wreck at the bottom of Lake Minnetonka stems from a “lively” September storm in 1879.

Rare Lake Minnetonka wreck from 1879 storm makes historic register

The Wayzata Bay wreck, a barge from 1879 that was owned by railroad tycoon James J. Hill, is the oldest known that an archaeological research team has found on the bottom of the metro area's largest lake.
West Metro
August 9, 2016

Teen Wayzata trap shooters compete against Plymouth police

Each side learned something from the other during the friendly competition, which could become an annual event.
Don't Miss
August 6, 2016

Lake Minnetonka has global dreams for tourism

To drum up interest and support, leaders are showing off the lake area this weekend to organizers of the World Match Racing Tour, a sailing series likened to the PGA Tour for golfers. It hosts races around the world. Wayzata wants to host a tour stop in 2018.
West Metro
July 6, 2016

Wayzata is moving forward with plans for its first public parking ramp

New businesses drawing people downtown are making parking difficult.