Wayzata, which is American Indian for "north shore," has roots as a summer weekend retreat on Lake Minnetonka. Originally its cottages and hotels drew summer crowds for boating and fishing, but Wayzata eventually grew into a residential suburb of the Twin Cities.

West Metro
September 15, 2017
Shawn Mathews, widow of Wayzata officer William Mathews, stood with their 7-year-old son, Wyatt, as a horse-drawn caisson carried her husband’s casket in Summit Park Cemetery on Thursday.

A final tribute as fallen Wayzata police officer is taken to his rest

Members of the public lined roads in Plymouth and Wayzata on Thursday to pay their respects and bid farewell to Wayzata police officer William Mathews, killed last week by a motorist who struck him while he was clearing debris from a highway.
Super Bowl LII
August 8, 2017
A 46-year-old man was arrested during a sting in St. Peter, Minn. Southern Minnesota law enforcement agencies are ramping up sex trafficking stings.

Minnesota fights sex trafficking by cracking down on buyers

As the Super Bowl gets closer, law enforcement officials and nonprofits across Minnesota are taking aggressive new action to crack down on customers of prostitution and boosting programs aimed at keeping teens out of the sex trade.
West Metro
July 27, 2017

Excelsior beach on Lake Minnetonka reopens after temporary shutdown due to E. coli

It was shut down just a day earlier.
West Metro
July 26, 2017

Excelsior beach closed due to high E. coli levels

The Excelsior public beach closure comes a week after Wayzata's was shut down.
West Metro
July 18, 2017

Hennepin County Sheriff's Office to add some body cameras this year

Up to 40 devices could be rolled out by December.
West Metro
July 15, 2017
North Minneapolis' Webber Park library, which opened in May, is the newest branch in the Hennepin County Library system.

Hennepin County Library system scraps plan to renovate every 12 years

Renovating libraries based on the building's use, instead of an automatic revamp every 12 years, could be more efficient and possibly less expensive over time, Hennepin County Library leaders now say. It might also ensure that patrons get the same experience no matter which library they visit.
West Metro
July 14, 2017
Boat traffic was heavy on Lake Minnetonka as daylight faded Friday, Ma...

Underage drinking rule on Lake Minnetonka targets owners, operators

It will be a misdemeanor for a boat owner or operator to knowingly allow or provide for underage drinking.
West Metro
July 13, 2017

Hennepin County leaders say new approach needed to address gaps — from housing to income

Officials estimated that eliminating the racial and ethnic income and employment disparities would mean $4.6 billion in income growth
Super Bowl LII
July 4, 2017
A wave of small cell wireless technology is being attached to streetlights and flagpoles in areas of high demand for data. A larger Sperry telecommunications tower in Eagan is in the distance.

New cellphone technology going up in advance of Super Bowl

New wave of cell tech goes up in high-demand areas.
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July 3, 2017

Boating season in Minnesota is shaping up to be a deadly one

At this point in the year, 2017 boater fatalities are at the highest level in 12 years.
West Metro
June 21, 2017

Lake Minnetonka sailing center launches $4 million campaign to build new center

State's only accredited sailing school wants to replace outdated building.
West Metro
June 9, 2017

Wayzata hotel opens Saturday, the first on Lake Minnetonka in more than 50 years

The opening of a Wayzata hotel recalls an era when the lake was a lodging hub.
West Metro
June 2, 2017

New Minnesota rule requiring carbon monoxide detectors on boats pushed to 2018

Availability of marine carbon monoxide detectors is an issue.
West Metro
May 27, 2017

Minnesota boaters face a new regulation, speed rules for Memorial Day

New law this year requires carbon monoxide detectors on boats with enclosed cabins.
West Metro
May 20, 2017

After 5 years and $342M, Wayzata ending largest redevelopment project

Construction on the five-block project will end in June.
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April 14, 2017

Wayzata makes national spotlight with feature role in Coors Light TV ad

A Los Angeles production company shot a commercial in February for Coors Light in Wayzata, sending more than 50 film crew members to a city park for a day.
Eat & Drink
March 29, 2017
Dubbed the "Land of New Restaurants" a few years, the Bellecour Cafe...

Wayzata restaurant openings show a hunger to dine out in the suburbs

So far this year, an estimated 700 new restaurant seats are coming in, and the boom shows no signs of slowing.
West Metro
March 27, 2017

Ice-out declared on Lake Minnetonka two weeks later than expected

For all who bet on when ice-out was going to happen this year on Lake Minnetonka, Mother Nature threw a curve ball.Agencies patrolling the lake…
March 15, 2017

Orono debates tightening rules for special events after Lorie Line shows

The proposal would require a special event permit for a home that hosts four or more such events a year.
West Metro
March 11, 2017

Spring is almost here: Mississippi opens for navigation; area lakes ice-out

Early ice-outs across metro are setting records after warm winter
West Metro
February 28, 2017

After uproar from veterans, Orono keeps docks at Big Island

Veterans still want to see a long-term solution to accessibility to the island.
West Metro
February 7, 2017

Hennepin County looks to increase staff to prosecute, investigate sex trafficking

Funds sought to beef up county attorney's, sheriff's offices.
West Metro
January 14, 2017

From St. Paul to Excelsior, more cities rely on conservancies to fund public parks

According to a 2015 report, nearly half the nation's top 100 cities now have conservancies that are often driven by financial need.
West Metro
December 23, 2016

Lake Minnetonka to host pond hockey tournament for 5th year — no matter what Mother Nature does

Lake Minnetonka event has been altered by warm temps in past.
December 10, 2016

Orono reviews event policy after complaints about Lorie Line recitals

When is a private party a special event? The city is reviewing its regulations after neighbors objected to pianist's recitals.