Adrian Peterson said the Vikings' 10-point lead wasn't a factor in him leaving last Sunday's game with just under seven minutes left and the Vikings at the Houston 27-yard line. The abdominal injury that has nagged him in recent weeks was, he said, the only reason his day ended early.

"That was the factor, that was the reason I came out," Peterson said. ":I felt like it was best for Toby to go in at that point of time, that he would give us a better opportunity to get it in the end zone. I didn't want to be selfish just because we were down by the end zone and go in there and not be able to go 100 percent. Toby did a good job of executing and finishing that drive."

Gerhart finished the game with eight carries for 31 yards, including a 3-yard touchdown that capped the drive in which Peterson left.

Peterson didn't practice Wednesday because of the adbomen, but said, "it's feeling good." Today's practice starts soon, but he'll be limited at best today.

Asked if the injury will affect him on Sunday, Peterson said, "I don't think so." He's called the injury just normal wear and tear.

Other Peterson highlights from today's press conference with reporters:

  • On whether running the ball is the key to beating Packers and, oh yeah, getting the 208 yards necessary to beat Eric Dickerson's NFL single-season rushing record of 2,105 yards: "We're going to do a good job establishing the line up front and being productive in the run game. But we have to be balanced. So the receivers and Christian [Ponder], those guys are going to have to contribute. Like last week, those guys did a good job of making plays in the pass game and keeping us balanced. Keeping [the Texans] on their heels somewhat and taking advantage of the opportunities that they presented to us. I feel like that same type of game plan will give us the victory."
  • On the first Green Bay game, in which he ran for 210 yards in a loss at Lambeau Field on Dec. 2:  "The guys up front just outwilled the guys in front of them. I was just able to make some big plays when the opportunities were presented to me. I also missed some. But it was a good day."
  • On going to the Pro Bowl, which is the week before the Super Bowl, which means guys who go to the Super Bowl don't play in the Pro Bowl: "What are my thoughts? I don't plan on going back. It's good to be selected to a fifth Pro Bowl. I just give thanks to God and the guys who helped me get there. [Fullback] Jerome Felton will be joining me and all my receivers and my offensive linemen. It's shocking that none of those guys made it. But it's an honor just to have that again."
  • On whether he feels "deep down" that he'll get the record: "I feel like I have a good chance. I believe it. And in order to accomplish it, you got to believe it. Deep down inside, I feel like i'll get it."
  • For our Sunday story, I asked Peterson to describe his running style in one word. "Vicious," he said. Perfect.
  • On getting the Packers at home with a win-and-you're-in situation: "It feels good to get those guys in our stadium and get some payback from our last visit to Lambeau."


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