Kurt Rambis got on a cell phone to speak with reporters back in the Twin Cities after Monday night's preseason-opener victory over the Lakers in London and somebody immediately congratulated him and reminded him that, hey, he's now a perfect 1-0.

"I quit," he deadpanned.

Granted, it's only one game and of course it's only preseason.

And, yes, the Lakers were missing Andrew Bynum, and Kobe Bryant played just the first six minutes...and Pau Gasol was barely a factor.


This team played with so much more athleticism, skill and perhaps joy, but, yes, the realities of the regular season are still a few weeks ago.

On Monday, there was:

* Luke Ridnour's pass off the backboard to Wes Johnson for an all-alone dunk.

* Martell Webster's behind-the-back dribble, drive and dipsy-doo scoop shot for a three-point play.

* Michael Beasley coast-to-coast drive, layup and three-point play with Ron Artest hounding him.

* Kevin Love's no-look, behind-the-legs, backward drop pass that Webster converted into a drive and a pair of free throws.

And then, with the Wolves leading by 16 and with four minutes left in the game, there was Love, sprawling all over the floor to knock it ahead for a fast break.

Rambis loved it.

Love's peers apparently didn't.

"Yeah, Kurt was very, very happy but I think some of my teammates were mad at me for that," Love said. "They don't want me to hurt myself the first game of the preseason like I did in the third preseason game last season."

Love was referring to that broken hand he sustained in Chicago last October.

The Wolves got 16 of their 26 assists from big men, including a combined 11 from Love and Darko Milicic.

They also shot 54 percent, including 8 of 12 from three-point range.

That's 66.6 percent.

The best the Wolves shot from three in a game last season was 60 percent.

"We're going to be so much better because of the simple fact that we're shooting the ball so much better from outside," Love said. "Darko and me were moving the ball around pretty good, too."

The Wolves have a travel day today. They took the train to Paris and this evening have a dinner boat cruise to see the city. It's their first day off from practice since they started camp in Mankato Sept. 25.

They play the Knicks tomorrow at 1 p.m. in Paris. The game's again on NBA TV.

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