Are US taxpayer dollars used to help fund anti-US, anti-Israel hate education?  

“The Palestinians are slated to receive some 200 million dollars in U.S. security assistance after a top House Republican ended her hold on the money.  In separate letters to the State Department and USAID, Ros-Lehtinen {chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee} cited President Barack Obama certification that the funds were in the national security interests of the United States….” -N. Mozgovaya, AP, 11/7/2011

 “In a few weeks, it will be five years since the Palestinian Authority was to prepare its citizens for a two-state solution and end incitement in its educational system. Yet from pre-school through high school, Palestinian children are indoctrinated to deny Israel's legitimacy, demonize Israelis and Jews, and glorify violent struggle as a religious goal. The Palestinian government-produced textbooks and government-controlled media work in tandem to assure that Palestinian children will be no more disposed to living peacefully with Israel tomorrow than their parents are today. It's never too early to begin the hate education. Preschool television programming could be called Terrorism for Tots. Last year American viewers had a glimpse of the weekly program starring an outrageous Palestinian version of Mickey Mouse, Farfar, who in a Mickey-like voice told children to pray until there is "world leadership under Islamic leadership" “… Farfur taught the children not only the glory of violence but the mindset of victim hood and blame.….

At this moment, in classrooms in Gaza and the West Bank, in schools under Hamas control or "moderate" Fatah control, children are being poisoned with hate and distrust and readied to be warriors for the "final and inevitable result ...the victory of the Muslims over the Jews." ..With humanitarian intentions and a blind eye to what is actually written in the textbooks and shown in the media, the U.S. funds hate education. The U.S. provides funding to Palestinian education without any of the oversight it demands of American schools. I have been an educator for 31 years and know the stringent standards for accreditation and funding of schools in all fifty states. Perhaps a team of educators could set minimum requirements of pedagogy as well as a low level of tolerance for incitement towards violence, and only after the standards are met would funds commence. The money would follow performance, not promise.”-P. Shapiro,  American Thinker, 2/2/08

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