A 31-year-old Twin Cities man has been sentenced in federal court to 25 years in prison for video recording himself having sexual contact with two young girls, trumping a far shorter prison term he was given in state court.

Abimael Castellon-Laureano, of Osseo, was sentenced Wednesday in Minneapolis after he pleaded guilty to producing child pornography from April 2009 to January 2010.

Castellon-Laureano was sentenced for the same acts in late 2010 in Hennepin County District Court and was scheduled to be placed on five years of supervised release starting in 2017.

The federal sentence was imposed to run concurrent with the state prison term, which was based on convictions for second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Given that federal prison terms are almost always served in full or nearly in full, Castellon-Laureano can expect to remain incarcerated until the 2030s.

In a court filing, the defense argued for a 15-year federal sentence, contending that he had been sexually abused as a child in his native Mexico and had no prior record involving sex-related crimes.

Castellon-Laureano, who entered the United States as a child and dropped out of Minneapolis Southwest High School, is also subject to deportation as a condition of his supervised release after federal incarceration.

Castellon-Laureano forced two girls, ages 9 and 7, to fondle him, according to court records. He recorded the abuse on a DVD, which was seized by authorities searching his home. He was implicated after one of the girls reported the abuse.