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Judd Birdsall
September 6, 2019

American evangelicals in America, by way of England

Here are three observations about religious life in this country, gleaned from driving across it.
Bryan Dowd
September 6, 2019

An alternative take on the 'trade war'

What if we were brought to this point by the choices of American consumers?
John Hagen
September 6, 2019
The legalization movement has reasserted itself, which is a bad move, the author writes.

DFL embraces legalization of recreational marijuana at our peril

The party is going all libertarian even as the evidence mounts against it.
Priscilla Mayowa
September 6, 2019
Poor-performing colleges also get the lowest amount of state resources per student compared to high-performing colleges, the author writes.

Counterpoint: An 'education state' wouldn't stop at grade 12

In many ways, we continue to neglect the postsecondary needs of all Minnesotans.
John Rash
September 6, 2019
While there are tensions with Russia, a U.S.-China “Cool War” may be a bigger test of geopolitics.

Rash Report: 'Cool War,' warming planet are key to geopolitics

Two experts envision Sino-American relations and the climate crisis as profound present and future foreign-policy dynamics.
Dick Virden
September 5, 2019
Pro-democracy demonstrators watch a firebomb in the Causeway Bay district of Hong Kong on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019.

Hong Kong — yesterday, today and tomorrow

It's been a fine place for Westerners passing through. Residents, though, would like uninhibited political freedom.
September 5, 2019

Trump should be trying to strengthen the technology sector

Instead, his trade wars and immigration policies are doing real damage.
Jacqueline Brux
September 5, 2019
Rescue workers carry a body from under the rubble of a Houthi detention center destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes, that killed at least 60 people and w

A proxy war (ours) holds Yemen back from societal gains

U.S. support for the Saudi dictatorship makes us complicit.
Nick Solheim
September 5, 2019
The sun sets over Nuuk, Greenland.

The case against Arctic imperialism

We shouldn't buy Greenland. But we should be interested in greater economic cooperation.
Nicholas Kristof
September 5, 2019
A view of Taipei. A 1979 American law suggests that the United States is committed to Taiwan’s defense, but the law is ambiguous about just how comm

If the U.S. and China were to war, Taiwan could be a flash point

It might be a tempting saber for Xi to rattle. Concerns include a potential cyberattack that could take out the island's electricity and communications.
Scott Gottlieb
September 5, 2019
A man used a vaporizer in San Francisco.

Vaping illnesses traced to illegal substances, but e-cigarettes are not off the hook

Manufacturers have work to do in accepting transparency and oversight and in countering use of their products by children.
James Densley and David Pyrooz
September 5, 2019
Police vehicles near the main entrance to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds following gunfire late Monday as the fair was wrapping up.

Our society can rewrite the gun-violence script

Relentless news of shootings gnaws at us, but we aren't powerless. We can address this as we would any disease. It works.
Brad Tutunjian
September 4, 2019
CenterPoint Energy has an obligation to ensure reliable energy at a reasonable cost, the writer says, and it does its best to balance this with the ne

Counterpoint: Don't single out natural gas as a problem

It's an essential energy source for Minnesota, and we at CenterPoint are meeting that need while working hard to limit climate impacts.
Tim Dufault
September 4, 2019
Farmers in Minnesota are getting hit hard by Trump’s tariffs, as exports such as soybeans (which China is the biggest importer of) have nearly dried

Dried-up exports bring Minnesota farmers to breaking point

The Trump administration has tried to downplay this reality.
Al Fan
September 3, 2019
The MCAs are an important tool in seeing if kids are at grade level.

Counterpoint: Here's what a dashboard of indicators on schools should capture

Families are looking for remedies to the achievement gap. True transparency on school quality, culture and finances would be a major step.
Howell Raines
September 3, 2019
On display at a gun shop in Wendell, N.C., an AR-15 assault rifle manufactured by Core15 Rifle Systems.

Guns and public safety: Laws that prevailed in 1960 could spare lives today

They weren't perfect — but there was enough firepower to satisfy hunters and hobbyists and sufficient restrictions to limit an attack.
September 3, 2019

Why 'Pre-K for all' is the wrong approach on early education

Candidates are looking for votes, but targeting poorest kids is the best bet.
Tim Walz
September 3, 2019
The hallways at Forest Lake Area High School are packed with students heading to their next class rooms.

Gov. Tim Walz: Let's make Minnesota the Education State (for all)

Valuing education in every community is what every student deserves, and it determines our future.
Annie Abrams
September 3, 2019

How the Advanced Placement program is failing students

An examination of the initiative's drift over six decades.
Gil Barndollar
September 3, 2019
U.S. Marines stood guard during the change-of-command ceremony at Task Force Southwest military field in Shorab military camp of Helmand Province, Afg

With little leverage in Afghanistan, U.S. can choose between a bad deal or no deal

Should U.S. troops stay longer, whatever the justification, our negotiating position will not be improved.
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