Astute Twitter follower Jeremy Nelson notified us last night that a "recently traded Timberwolves star" is having a home liquidation sale of the items in his Orono home this coming weekend. The sale runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday. Other exact details are not yet known. This much is described in the listing:

This is very exciting news for you and for Esquire! We are fortunate to have been selected to conduct the estate sale for a recently-traded Minnesota Timberwolves basketball star.

This sale will be conducted in his beautiful 7,500 sq. foot home in Orono, MN. He's going to buy "all new stuff" in his new hometown which gives us a wonderful opportunity to own some of his beautiful jewelry, artwork, furniture and home accessories.

So who is it? Well, that's where things get a little murky. As far as we know, the Timberwolves did not trade any "star" players this offseason. We do know that Michael Beasley was living in Orono when he was playing for the Wolves, but he was not traded; he signed with the Suns. (That said, plenty of folks who do not work directly with sports all the time have a habit of still calling such a thing a trade ... so it could very well be Beas). Wes Johnson, Wayne Ellington ... they were traded. But we're not sure where they were living.

There is a very good chance we will be out of town this weekend and not able to make it to this sale. There is also a very good chance we would love a full report on what exactly this entails.

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