8:30 p.m. • Varsity • 18-plus • $13-$15

Despite its singular pseudonym, the "collective" tag often follows this indie-folk quintet, which has four co-lead singers and an equally democratic songwriting process. The L.A. crew's 2 1/2-years-in-the-making debut album came out this summer, rolling with verdant group vocals and daydreamy textures. The eponymous LP is almost always on a gradual incline toward gently full-blooming crescendos that feel surreally organic, despite an Instagram aesthetic. While music is their mainstay, the theater school chums still fancy film and shot a record-accompanying short, which looks appropriately set in nature, given the folkies' dewy, morning-mist music. Bahamas open.MICHAEL RIETMULDER


9 p.m. • Epic • 18-plus • $25

While his name doesn't carry the cachet it did in the late '90s, don't slight this U.K. trance god. The man who was doing stadium tours with U2 while Avicii was still in preschool has become a Vegas club fixture and hit the road on Madonna's "MDNA" tour this year (including Saturday and Sunday's Xcel shows). It looks like 2012 will set before the illustrious DJ's long-awaited "Pop Matters" artist album will see daylight, but he continues to crank out his monthly "DJ Box" mixes.M.R.


7 p.m. • Dakota Jazz Club • sold out

There's no way that the swank Dakota is anything like Alice's Restaurant. But the folk singer who made that hippie hangout famous, Arlo Guthrie, might sing his signature tune (he doesn't always do it) as well as "City of New Orleans," "The Motorcycle Song" and other old favorites. He might even dust off a ditty or two made famous by his late father, Woody Guthrie, whose 100th birthday is being celebrated this year. Guthrie, 65, returned to the road last week following the Oct. 14 death of his wife of 43 years, Jackie, from cancer.JON BREAM