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Partly phoenix over the Tri-County Area, chance of ashes

They’re redoing “The Bad Seed,” except it’s a mini-series. If you haven’t seen the original, it’s pretty good, and I’m sure there’s lots of analysis about how it was a subversive critique of the family archetypes of the day. Actually, that’s not the subtext. That’s the text. The little girl is so loathsome you can’t imagine why anyone else didn’t see through her. The audience comes to hate her so much it’s not enough that she is punished by God with electrocution. The end credits give the audience what they really wanted.

ARCHITORTURE Many architects aren’t looking to the temptations of computer-aided design to invent new bad buildings; the ones with a sense of history are looking to the 70s for bad buildings. This article, which lauds three New York proposals, gets all a-quiver over this beaut:

If there’s anything we learned from the 70s, it’s how enormous, featureless concrete bases has the same effect on streetlife as molten aluminum poured into an ant colony. In related news: a Brutalist landmark may be renovated, despite the objections of people who prize the style. It’s the Orange County Government Center in Goshen, NY. It looks like a group of disconnected, cluttered, overstuffed bureaucratic offices, jammed together with no thought of efficiency, just a collection of individual fiefdoms radiating petty power. Wikipedia:

The building has had problems over its life. (Built in 1967,) It leaked severely enough after a heavy storm in 1970 that the Finance Department had to stretch a tarpaulin across the ceiling. Today many of its 87 roofs leak and it has also become expensive to heat.

Eighty-seven roofs.

Slightly related: here’s James Ellroy’s house. Interesting furniture. Ghastly bathroom. Note the absence of a computer; he writes on long pads of paper in pencil.

SADBOTS Art made by computers is creepy, as discussed last week. Conversations between chatbots have a certain melancholy poetry, punctuated with dada wit.

Y.: Do you like to talk about philosophy?
Z.: I like to talk about animals.
Y.: Do you have some animal at home?
Z.: Yes I do have a computer at home.
Y.: I asked whether you had a sword at home.
Z.: I am not a computer. I am a female.
Y.: I know, but I HAVE a computer, and some candy.
Z.: What are you thinking about?
Y.: Nothing really.
Z.: Sounds good.
Y.: What sounds good?
Z.: Something about a phoenix.
Y.: What’s a phoenix?
Z.: A bird that dies and rises from its own ashes.
Y.: Wow, how poetic.
Z.: That isn’t poetry.
Y.: No, that is a weather-description.

More here.

Crankshaft is both meta and prescient

Let’s see what’s going on in the zany, malaprop-infested world of Crankshaft today. Looks like the Fat Cats down in City Hall have learned of the mayoral bid that’s convulsed readers for the last fortnight:

At least the comic is a tacit admission that the comic pages provide no actual laughs. It’s something of a non-collegial zinger at the Beetle Bailey world, though. Granted, Sarge does beat Beetle into a pile of bones from time to time, but every strip has a running gag, and it’s a safe bet that Beetle himself, a few months hence, may ask whether Zero is laughing at Crankshaft backing his bus into Keesterman’s mailbox again.

But here’s today’s Beetle Bailey, which I went to immediately after seeing Crankshaft.

What are the odds? About one in three, honestly. I forgot to mention this last week: the world’s most poorly drawn comic strip, which is, adds “Computer Monitor” to the list of things it is singularly incapable of rendering with any degree of competence.

SPACEAlien invasion? NASA cuts live feed showing three UFOs leaving Earth, and the Daily Star asks if this is the footage that proves the truth of UFOs. (Hint: no.)

INCREDIBLE footage reveals UFOs flying over Earth before space station camera is taken off air.

If you don't believe in UFOs then wait until you watch this. The live feed, which is reportedly from the International Space Station, caught these three glowing lights speeding from earth's atmosphere and it's got conspiracy theorists buzzing. What's really got them excited is why the live feed cuts to an error message soon after the UFOs were spotted.

Not on the YouTube video, it doesn’t. Anyway, if all this is true, someone’s in trouble at work.

"You there, Johnson, you’re tasked with cutting the live feed the moment you see a UFO."

”Fine, sir, but may I suggest running the live feed on a 10 second delay? No one would notice, and it would be easy to pass off as lag. That would give us ample time to switch to stock footage, and no one would be the wiser.”

”Are you mad, Johnson? It’s live feed or nothing. Now watch closely for UFOs or the whole jig is up.”

The Daily Star article notes: "One posted on YouTube by user Streetcap1 shows what appeared to be a small white disc flying near to the space station," and the link goes to . . . another story on the same video, this time headlined “Space experts baffled as mystery object filmed passing space station.” Those space experts being the sort of people who peer at gauzy artifacts and deduce the existence of extraterrestrial civilization.

Or the guys who speak on behalf of the aliens themselves.