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Pajama Jeans: The new mom jeans?

Posted by: Kay Krhin under Clothing Updated: December 13, 2010 - 3:46 PM

Hmmm... Pajama Jeans.



When I first saw this ad I thought it was a SNL commercial spoof.

These things look like they belong in the back of the ads in the Sunday circular somewhere between personalized checks and collectible figurines. 

I was reminded of the Cribsheet post on Denim Huggies and the mixed reviews back when those launched.

I forwarded the link on to my colleagues at work to get their reaction. Co-worker Judy, immediately typed back

"I. must. have. them." 

Yes, she was serious. She bought two pairs. A pair for herself and a  pair  for her collegiate daughter.

She brought  in a pair for show and tell  last week (no she didn't wear them to work). 

They are very dark wash and feel like a really thick felt.

I remain skeptical.

I asked her for an update on how they are working for her so far - but she has wrapped them up and put them under the tree as a special present for herself. So no reports on how they test drive yet. I'm also curious to find out what her daughter thinks of them.

I guess  I'm just slow to discover these trends. Looks like they were already being talked about last spring on see their Slaves to Fashion blog post here Jeggings Schmeggings: Meet Pajama Jeans.

Okay - so, would you wear denim look pj bottoms or are they this year's Snuggie ? 

What do you think  -  genius or punchline?  ( Don't worry, I won't tell co-worker, Judy)



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