I know who took the missing ballots: Joe Rolette. You might remember him. He was involved in changing Minnesota's history back in 1850, and he's apparently doing it again -- or maybe it's his descendents.
"Who is Joe Rolette?" you might ask. Well, he's the dude who, in 1850, took the bill that would move the Minnesota territorial capitol from St. Paul to St. Peter. He hid out for about a week -- well, at least until the legislative session ended -- and it was too late for the bill to be presented, passed and signed.
St. Paul remains the state capital today, and St. Peter remains the bridesmaid.
Then-Gov. Willis A. Gorman (who hailed from St. Peter) didn't get to sell his land to the territory, and the capitol wasn't built in his fair city.
This year there are 133 missing ballots in the recount of the race between Sen. Norm Coleman and Al Franken. An APB has been issued, and the search is more exciting than looking for the Winter Carnival medallion.
Who will fill the seat? No one will know until that old rascal, Joe Rolette, appears with those missing ballots.