I was disappointed that the April 20 article “Debate on ‘granny flats’ turns intense” limited the definition of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to newly built structures attached to or separate from the existing house. A major part of the proposal for the St. Anthony Park district in St. Paul is to allow the creation of one additional living unit within a few very large houses in that neighborhood.

Houses that were designed in the early 1900s for large families that are no longer the norm can be a burden to heat and maintain for couples or even small families. The in-house ADU provides an opportunity for owners of large houses to stay in the neighborhood and for the house to be closer to its design occupancy. The requirement that the house owner live on the property leaves no possibility of the urban blight scenario implied by the separate headline used on the Star Tribune’s website, and parking is already controlled by permit because of the adjacent University of Minnesota St. Paul campus. As a long-term resident of St. Anthony Park, I believe this should be an option available to owners of large homes.

Les Everett, St. Paul