Although the headline reads differently, Pope Francis did not make remarks on “evil” priests (“Pope’s remarks on ‘evil’ priests is a Vatican first,” April 12). Prepositions can make all the difference in the world. Francis took responsibility for the “evil” of priests who raped and molested children.

Francis, the leader of the world’s largest faith, reached hearts worldwide by posing the simple question about himself: “Who am I to judge?” To call someone “evil” is to judge them. This is something Francis, a man of wisdom and compassion, would never do.

That Francis knows he isn’t God; that he has the ability and wisdom to stay in compassion for all involved in the sex-abuse scandal, and that he takes responsibility as a leader for harms done under the church’s watch demonstrates that he is a man whom these times and his church dearly need, and I thank God every day for his rise to the papacy.

Paul Rozycki, Minneapolis