Local family could win RV on Travel Channel

Tune in to the Travel Channel today at 9 p.m., and you just might see a Ramsey family win a free RV on “Rock my RV With Bret Michaels.” Tanya and Joe Marcella and their three young children are among three families from around the country who are finalists in the show’s “Epic RV Giveaway” episode. Tanya and Joe have already returned from the L.A. taping, but she’s keeping her lips sealed. Check out the family’s entry video — complete with song and a toy car-turned-RV — at www.star tribune.com/a2460.

Kerri Westenberg

Hertz aims to sell travel products to customers

Hertz Corp. is following the lead of the airline industry by selling more than just transportation to travelers. In San Diego, the car-rental giant unveiled its newest model for its outlets, including a retail shop where renters can buy items such as charging cords, beach bags, sunscreen and sodas. Car renters can also charge their iPads, print out maps and other documents and ship FedEx packages. The company is planning to expand the concept globally by 2015.

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Price-effective luggage service expands

MakeTravelEasier.com offers inbound luggage service at more than 250 airports nationwide. Check your bags as usual, but Bags VIP will pick them up at baggage claim and deliver them to your house or hotel within 40 miles in four hours, or up to 100 miles within six hours (an additional charge applies). For prices ranging from $29.95 for one bag to $49.95 for three to eight bags, business and leisure travelers can head straight to their destination without wasting time and energy collecting, carrying and loading luggage. The service is not new, but it’s adding new airlines. It serves American Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest, Virgin Atlantic, US Airways, United and Alaska Airlines.

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