January: Complaining of shortness of breath, Daniel visits the family doctor in Sleepy Eye, who refers him to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. A cancer specialist diagnoses Hodgkin's lymphoma and recommends six rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

February: Daniel returns to Children's for the first treatment.

April: Doctor alerts Brown County authorities that Daniel has failed to return, and County Attorney James Olson files a court petition alleging child neglect.

May 8: At a court hearing in New Ulm, Colleen Hauser testifies that she and her son would not resume chemotherapy.

May 15: Judge John Rodenberg rules Daniel must resume treatment but leaves him in parents' custody.

May 19: Colleen and Daniel Hauser fail to appear in court. Judge issues arrest warrant.

May 20: Brown County Sheriff Rich Hoffmann confirms that the pair have been sighted in Southern California, apparently en route to Mexico for treatment.

ø May 21: Daniel's father, Anthony, issues an emotional appeal for his wife and son to come home.

May 22 or 23: Colleen Hauser contacts Jennifer Keller, a California defense attorney, saying she and Daniel want to go home.

Sunday: Meeting in Keller's Irvine, Calif., office, Colleen Hauser and law enforcement authorities make an agreement for the pair to return to Minnesota.

Monday: Colleen and Daniel arrive by charter plane in Minnesota.