Maya Rao and I wrote this weekend about money flowing into the Minneapolis mayoral race.

In order to determine which sectors were donating to which candidates, we reviewed and categorized about 1,700 individual donors.

Among the key findings? 

- Attorneys, retirees, and ­people working in development and finance have contributed about 40 percent of the money raised this year.
- Those four groups gave more to Mark Andrew than any other candidate. Andrew's third-highest donor group was registered lobbyists, however.
- Council Member Betsy Hodges is relying heavily on donations from government employees and politicians.
- Residents to the south of Lake Calhoun and around most of Lake Harriet — home to candidates Mark Andrew, Hodges, and Winton — gave $83,626, contributing more heavily than residents of any other area of Minneapolis. Those zip codes are 55410 and 55419.

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