Minnesota Republicans turned the otherwise humdrum task of filing for office into a pep rally on Tuesday.

In contrast to DFLers who filed for office in ones and twos, roughly 100 Republicans seeking legislative seats and constitutional offices arrived together at the Secretary of State’s office to file their paper work.

They stuffed into a steamy room for a news conference and formed a ‘U’ around the party’s endorsed gubernatorial candidate, Tom Emmer.

“This is a unified Republican Party,” he said to applause. “This is a unified message for Minnesota…We are unified on some basic principles; it’s called freedom and prosperity. It’s called smaller government, individual liberty and economic freedom.”

Emmer didn’t offer any new details on already vague plans for how he would lead the state.

“I am not a perfect human being; I learn as I go,” he said. “There are some days I am practicing the Braille method.”

On Wednesday, Emmer is scheduled to launch the Freedom and Prosperity Project, a five-month listening tour that will serve as the centerpiece of his campaign.

“It’s about listening and coming back with more detail,” Emmer said.

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