More politicos are jumping on the bandwagon for Alyssa Drescher, the student expelled from her United South Central high school for what she said was an inadvertent possession of a pocket knife in a purse in her locker.

Rep. Shannon Savick, DFL-Wells, wrote Friday to Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius to support Drescher, who also lives in Wells. She urged the Minnesota Department of Education to overturn Drescher's expulsion when it hears her pending appeal.

"It's clear that the punishment for Miss Drescher's actions is misplaced," Savick wrote in her letter of support. She said that although she supports school policies on weapons needed to keep students and schools safe, "I hope you will take the full context of Miss Drescher's actions into account when considering her appeal," Savick wrote.

The legislator called the matter "an innocent mistake with absolutely no malicious intent."  Drescher said she forgot the knife was in her purse after she used it to help her boyfriend with farm chores, such as slicing open feed bags.

"Our community has rallied behind this good student, in search of a more common sense solution," Savick said.  An aide to state Sen. Dan Sparks, who also represents the area, said he is discussing with a Republican senator the possibility of meeting with Wells officials after the legislature adjourns to see if the legislaors can assist in the matter.

That Republican senator is Roger Chamberlain, who organized a letter signed by 23 members of his caucus in support of Drescher.