Everyone I talked with today tells me that business on the Gunflint Trail is busy, busy, busy.  That's the way it should be.  Bob Baker of Gunflint Pines says that lake trout are biting well on Gunflint and North lakes.  They are in 40-60 feet of water and will bite on whatever you throw at them.  Jigging has worked well with small spoons similar to Swedish Pimples.  You let the lure sink to the bottom and then reel it up quickly.  The trout have been following the lure until it is as close as five feet to the boat before biting.  Walleyes have been a little slower in 12-15 feet of water.  Smallmouth bass are hitting well with bobbers using leeches and nightcrawlers.  Andy Ahrendt at Tuscarora Lodge says some of his cabin guests have been doing well fishing for brook trout at an unnamed lakes.  They are trolling with small spinners and catching lots of fat fish.  It all sounds tasty to me.

The big news of the week is blueberries.  Andy said they had their first blueberry pie at Tuscarora.  Luana Brandt at Nor'Wester Lodge is also into baking blueberry pies.  Her brother-in-law, Paul, picks the berries and she bakes the pies.  Luana says it is a "match made in heaven."  If the blueberry harvest continues to be this good, Luana is going to get Husband Carl to make blueberry wine.

In addtion to blueberries, the raspberries are now appearing all over.  This is my favorite fruit to pick.  All winter long I look at the 1/2 pint containers (that's 1 cup!) of raspberries in the grocery store at $3-4 each.  With the first picking of raspberries, Bruce and I sit down with a big bowl for dessert one night.  That is when I know that my life is rich.  Friends and family feel that way when they get their raspberry jam for Christmas.

Andy McDonnell at Bearskin Lodge has added to the continuing saga of their cow and calf moose.  A couple days ago the animals laid down right in front of the lodge dining room windows.  It was time for a four hour nap.  Who knows how many pictures were taken during that time.  No one at the lodge has seen the pair for the past couple of days.  They have probably moved on to another spot in the forest but it sure was interesting while the twosome was at Bearskin.  We'll see what Andy has to say next week.

Some friends from Texas were staying at Poplar Creek Bed and Breakfast this week.  They reminded me to tell you that the mushrooms are HUGE this summer due to the rain.  Big yellow and red ones are all over.  It is just great fun to see them.  Of course, all you do is look at mushrooms.  It's too easy to get into serious trouble if you try to eat them.

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