We're not sure if Minnesotans, as a whole, love breakfast more than their counterparts in other states.

What we do know is this: Folks around here (including us) take their breakfast VERY seriously, and at least in the metro area we are blessed with countless awesome options when we choose to dine out in the morning (or early afternoon, as it were).

This was reinforced this morning, when we threw out a couple of off-the-cuff tweets about our preferred breakfast establishments in the Twin Cities. If you read our top 10 list, you can see we skew toward diners, for the most part. Taste is our number one priority; creativity is big; relative value plays a role.

Judging by the responses to those tweets, if you want to engage a local reader, talk about morning food.

As such, it's Friday morning. It's not time to talk NCAA tourney yet. The Gophers athletic programs? Well, this guy thinks it might be as bad as ever over at Bierman. We'll drown in Twins talk if we get too deep this early. NFL, Wolves, Wild ... nope, nope and nope.

So let's throw out an early breakfast talker with a few questions:

1) What are your top three spots to get breakfast? Metro or non-metro, we don't care. We're always looking for a great new place.

2) Do you think Minnesotans have a greater love of breakfast than folks elsewhere?

3) What defines a great breakfast or brunch spot? That is to say, what are YOU looking for when you seek out a spot for your first meal of the day?

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