A year ago, I reported the tale of Isis and Kamal Buchanan and their blank wedding album. The Eagan couple tied the knot in November 2007, but never got to see the professional photos for which they had paid $1,200. They sued the photographer, Walter Griffin, and won a default judgment, to no avail.In a brief interview last year, Griffin told me he would get the photos to the couple, but for some reason the photos were in Denver.

After my story was published, several photographers offered to reshoot the couple, gratis, in their wedding attire. Isis Buchanan appreciated the offers, but decided the cost and ordeal of getting everyone together and made up wasn't worth it. Instead, she hired a private detective to track Griffin down. In October, her efforts paid off. Griffin turned over a CD with the missing pictures, she said this week.

"We’re still probably out another $500, just with paying court fees and getting a private investigator," Buchanan said. "We never got a proof book."

The Buchanans are happy with the pictures. So that's why they're ready to "close the book," she said. 


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