Curtina Wilson is only 9, a little young to be a soldier.

But she has joined her father, K.G. Wilson, in his campaign against random gun violence. Her dad heads Hope Ministries and has teamed up with the Charez Jones Foundation, named after the 14-year-old Minneapolis girl who was killed by a stray bullet in 2007. Like her dad, Curtina wants an end to the killing.

Together, they often visit homicide sites in the city to honor the dead and remind passing motorists and pedestrians of lives ended too soon and needlessly, like the one on July 28 in the 2900 block of 5th Ave. S.

The following day, Curtina and her dad were there with signs honoring Minneapolis' 31st homicide victim, Carl Antoine Miller, 47.

"She's a brave little girl," K.G. said. "When it comes to community activism and helping people, I'm a strong, powerful soldier, and that's what you're seeing in this little child here."