I'm a big fan of the months with the letter "o" included. I also think it's neat that they are right next to each other in the yearly calendar. This is one example of the many brilliant thoughts I have when I'm splitting firewood. I like slamming an axe in these two months. I get all worked up and I'm not sweating to death. The wood pile grows showing instant results to keep me swinging the blade. After years of splitting and burning it in my fireplace I know within a stick of kindling or two when I have finished the task for a complete burning season. Sometimes I start splitting in the earliest of the "ber" months but I always finish before the end of the last "ber" month. Seems appropriate that the months ending with "ber" are in our colder time of year. Another wood pile splinter to ponder. It's mindless at times with me I can assure you. I just get my swinging and stacking rhythm going and when my back starts to complain I quit for the afternoon. But during the wood splitting session my brain goes on cruiser control. No thinking, no thoughts. It's not an intentional Zen thing or dumbing down of my brain but like the months with o's, when I split wood nothing happens in the void or middle of my ears, It's an empty spot I go to, to fill up the wood bins. I spilt wood, shut off brain. The word firewood has two o's and so I should only take the two months with the letter "o" included to put up my firewood and for the most part it works out that way. Firewood has to start from something and it starts from logs. Logs as a word, has only one "o" in it. When I get to felling trees to create eventual logs I do plenty of thinking. Then when I get trees reduced to logs and the single "o" I get to thinking about the empty circle the letter "o" represents. That circle reminds me of an empty glass and since I'm Irish I don't like empty glasses, I fill it with a fluid that really gets me thinking. So when I start drinking I stop splitting firewood and start thinking again. I get to thinking, the stuff I'm drinking, takes the "ber" out of the month, if only for an hour or two. Now once the firewood is lit and I may be abit lit by this time as well, did I forget to mention that the word firewood has two "o's in it, so don't drink and sit by the lit firewood alone. The trout whisperer

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