Sixty years before a British psychiatrist published the first description of bulimia, an item on the topic appeared in “Health and Happiness,” Dr. P.M. Hall’s medical column in the Minneapolis Tribune. In response to a question from a Fargo reader, the former Minneapolis health commissioner warned against  self-induced vomiting as a way “to reduce” – but barely touched on its ill effects.

Health and Happiness

Conducted by Dr. P.M. Hall

Forced Vomiting.
Fargo, N.D. – About once a day I easily force vomiting by putting my finger into my throat. I can lose part of a meal that way and still feel fine. I am trying to reduce. Am I harming myself in any way by doing this?
* * *
Vomiting is a reversed peristalsis and the practice kept up will create an easy habit of vomiting which may be hard to overcome. Why not cut down on the eating instead of going through the trouble of vomiting up a part of the meal?


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