Brett Favre's interview with the Biloxi, Miss., newspaper was moved on the newswires this afternoon, and here it is:

By Al Jones

The Sun Herald

BILOXI, Miss. — Whether Brett Favre plays a 20th season in the NFL is still up in the air.

Following an early morning workout on Thursday that included an eight-mile bike ride near his Hattiesburg home with his wife, Deanna, the future Hall of Fame quarterback hinted that a return to Minnesota was possible.

But Favre wouldn't commit with a direct answer about possible retirement either.

"I'm not saying that," Favre said. "I just don't know. I do not want to stir the pot. If it (comment) comes from me, it's a big deal. At my age, all surgeries are major. The three I've had on the same ankle were considered minor, but major to me. It feels fine now. If my body was a wreck, the decision would be made. But that is not the case. I know they (Vikings) want to know."

Favre added: "Hell, I want to know. But I am not going to press it. If I do not play, it does not cost the Vikings a dime. They keep the $13 million. I know they have confidence in the players they have. They had a chance to draft (Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy) Clausen in the first round, but they didn't want one.

"I know I can still play at a high level. Last year was a great year, but it could have been better (losing NFC Championship). When (Vikings coach Brad) Childress came to my home a few weeks ago, he told me to take my time. But the team would need to know at some point."

In his first season with Minnesota, Favre guided the Vikings to a 12-4 record. The Vikings lost to New Orleans in the NFC Championship Game in which Favre threw a costly last-minute interception.

Minnesota opens the season on Sept. 9 at the Superdome against the defending Super Bowl champion Saints.

"I would love to go beat the Saints," Favre said. "I want to win every game that I play. People tell me all the time to go beat the Saints and redeem yourself.

"People said the same thing with Green Bay the year before. It was, 'You have to go back and beat Green Bay.' I don't want to be in my 20th year and hear people say, 'You have to redeem yourself.' Like I said, I would love to go beat the Saints. But what if that doesn't happen?"

The NFC title defeat was the downside for a year as Favre passed for 4,202 yards and seven interceptions. Against New Orleans, Favre suffered an ankle injury, which was surgically repaired last month by Dr. James Andrews.

"It was my best season," he said. "I've had three MVPs and that was not one of them. I know I can still play at a high level. I know I still love to play the game.

"I do know when it's over, it's over. I can't play forever. It's not like being a dentist or playing golf, I can't play football forever."

Favre said his indecision has caused his reluctance to speak publicly on the matter.

"That is why I am staying quiet at this time," Favre said. "I have people telling me all the time that the NFL is better when I play. That is a big compliment and it makes me feel good. I also have people telling me that when I retire, they are going to stop watching football. I know that's B.S."

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