The Star Tribune's Michael Rand welcomes Twins relief pitcher Glen Perkins into the mix for this week's fantasy picks. He's basically a two-pitch hurler on the mound (with the occasional changeup), so we'll see if he can expand the zone with three separate categories. Perkins was allowed to choose any quarterback, wide receiver and running back except for those taken by last week's guest. Rand was not allowed to pick anyone in the top 10 at his position in terms of fantasy default scoring.


QB: Peyton Manning, Broncos QB scoring rank: No. 5. Matchup: Chiefs

It was between him and Tom Brady. The Pats are playing the Jets, who have a battered and bruised secondary (entire team). The Broncos are playing the Chiefs who are, you guessed it, the Chiefs.

WR: A.J. Green, Bengals WR scoring rank: No. 1

Matchup: Raiders

I wanted to take Andre Johnson, but I don't think he will do it again this week. I'll go with A.J. Green at home against the Raaaaydahs (cheesy Chris Berman voice).

RB: Adrian Peterson, Vikings RB scoring rank: No. 3

Matchup: Bears

He's AP, and he's pretty much bionic.

'Nuff said.


QB: Matt Schaub, Texans QB scoring rank: No. 13. Matchup: Lions

Schaub had a monster game a week ago, and while I don't think he'll duplicate that (527 yards, five TDs), he does face a Lions secondary that yields a lot of big passing days. WR: Andre Johnson, Texans WR scoring rank: No. 13.

Matchup: Lions

Go big or go home, right, Perk? You might think I'm cheapening it by taking the guy you thought about grabbing, but what else did you expect? We'll know by the end of Thanksgiving how it worked.

RB: Chris Johnson RB scoring rank: No. 13.

Matchup: Jaguars

As long as I'm doubling down on the Texans, I might as well gamble on the streakiest fantasy running back in history.

SCOREBOARD Week 11 fantasy recap (using default scoring method)

Winner: Omar Ansari -- Drew Brees (20.8), Calvin Johnson (18.3), Doug Martin (14.1). Total: 53.2

Loser: Michael Rand -- Ryan Fitzpatrick (8.2), James Jones (3.3), Alfred Morris (8.3). Total: 19.8

Overall standings: Guest pickers 7-4.