Miguel Sano, reason for hope

Miguel Sano, reason for hope

The recent past has seen no shortage of rankings of the minor league systems of the 30 MLB teams. La Velle wrote about the MLB.com top 100 prospect rankings a little over a week ago and has written two follow-up posts since then. ESPN.com's Keith Law also will rank the top 100 prospects, but before that he put an overall evaluation on the various teams -- and Law has the Twins 14th, which you can either view as "upper half" or "mediocre" depending on how you want to spin it. Here is Law's brief summary of the Twins:


I pick on these guys for taking low-ceiling college arms with great control, but they have quietly mixed in some interesting high school bats and added a few high-impact Latin American prospects.

Yep, that pretty well sums it up.

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