The DNR has announced the latest round of Conservation Partners Legacy grants.  This grant program is designed to help local conservation groups around the state fund small to medium size projects that restore, enhance or protect Minnesota’s prairies, forests and wetlands.  It’s a great way to make sure the Legacy Amendment can deliver conservation benefits to all areas of the state.


Here are a few highlights from the DNR for those who may be interested in applying:


“In response to requests for an easier application process and quicker review for routine habitat projects, the program now also includes new Expedited Conservation Project grants,” said Ed Boggess, director of Department of Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Division. “Proposals for these grants, which are for smaller and more standardized types of projects, will be accepted throughout the year and will provide project dollars more quickly.”

Local, state and national non-profit organizations and governmental entities that want to complete conservation work that benefits habitat for fish, game and wildlife on public or permanently protected lands are eligible for funds. Three levels of project funding from the $4.6 million program are available this year:

 Projects requesting $25,001 - $400,000 in grant funds use the standard online application. Deadline for these requests is September 26, 2012.

   Projects requesting $5,000 - $25,000 in grant funds use a simplified online application. Deadline for these requests is September 26, 2012.

  Projects submitted as Expedited Conservation Projects (ECP) may request $5,000-$50,000 for commonly accepted restoration and enhancement activities . These requests will be accepted and awarded continuously through May 15, 2013.

  All projects, regardless of category or amount requested, require a 10 percent match.

The application system will open Wednesday, Aug. 15, and close Wednesday, Sept. 26. Expedited Conservation Projects grants will be accepted continuously until May 15, 2013. Information about this year’s grant requirements is available online, and the official Request for Proposals will be posted on or before Aug. 15 on the CPL website.  See the respective grant cycle web pages for specific information.


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