A California woman has successfully won her case in which she had been cited for wearing Google Glass while driving.

ABC 10 News in San Diego reported that Cecilia Abadie (pictured) was stopped and ticketed by the California Highway Patrol for speeding and wearing the prototype glass-style wearable computer.  But a traffic court official dismissed both cases saying there was not sufficient evidence that she was speeding or that the Abadie was using the computer while driving.

She was cited under a California code that bans operating a video or TV screen in the front of a moving vehicle.

Abadie, a software developer, is among some 30,000 people called "explorers" who have been selected to try out Google Glass before the technology becomes widely available to the public later this year.

Her lawyer, William Concidine said the acquittal shows that officer must be able to tell that the Google Glass wearer is actually using the device just as they do when pulling somebody over for texting while driving.

"That's something that can be relied on by drivers," Concidine said. "You won't get ticketed for wearing Google Glass or just having a phone in your car. There's still some protection against being cited unjustly and unfairly."

Three states, Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia have introduced bills that would make driving with device that are equipped with a tiny camera and display that responds to voice command illegal.

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