After watching the Monday Night Football rout, I am convinced that New Orleans is ready. I doubted them for weeks, unable to put away teams like the Dolphins. Not that the Vikings walked over every opponent so far, they had their struggles early in the season. But I thought that the Saints were over-hyped, and would be exposed on prime time television. Um, nope.

They that are "Who Dat" rose up and swatted the Patriots, beating them consistently with run and pass, while disrupting one of the best passing games in football, in a 38-17 slaughter. Drew Brees looked unstoppable. The glut of wide receivers seemed to all score. The running tandem of Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell was steady good. They were all that, to wear the phrase.

The Vikings are ready, too. We have the same type of quarterback as Drew Brees in Brett Favre. We have a better running duo given Adrian Peterson. Our line is playing well, too. As good as the New Orleans offense is, and it is, we are not far behind.

It may come down to home field advantage, it may rest in the hands of the defenses. But after tonight's game, I am certain that the road to Miami runs through a lot of Who Dats. Hopefully, they will be visiting Minnesota.

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