A sad end, but she’s fondly remembered:


She caused guys at the drive-in movies of the '50s and the readers of Playboy to swoon, counted Cary Grant and the actor Jim Hutton (father of Timothy Hutton) among her lovers, and even appeared – briefly – opposite Paul Newman in the Oscar-winning Hud. But when it came to Hollywood endings, pinup model and actress Yvette Vickers reached a heartbreaking fadeout.

 As her uncollected mail gathered cobwebs outside, inside Vickers's dilapidated Los Angeles home last Wednesday, police, acting on a concerned neighbor's tip, discovered the mummified remains of the onetime 36"-24"-36" cult star of the space-alien B-movies Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and Attack of the Giant Leeches.

 Vickers was 82, had long been a recluse – and could have been dead for as long as a year, reports the Los Angeles Times.

She played “the town floozy” in “50-Foot Woman,” not the titular giantess. More  here.

 Here’s an excerpt from one of her classics, “I Led Three Lives.” She plays a Communist college student. Vickers shows up around 4:00. Typical fascist police shakedown!




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