Born out of a series of Tweets by commenter @RandBallsStu, an idea by your humble proprietor and a sick thirst to rile up Packers fans for no good reason, we present, "The Increasingly Lost Season." In this series, which is now in its second year, Stu will give a brief recap of the Packers' misfortunes as they tumble back toward Randy Wright-esque putridity (even if that probably isn't true). Stu?


When is a winning streak cause for alarm?  The Green Bay Packers, it seems, are about to find out.

After barely beating a rebuilding Baltimore Ravens squad by a 19-17 margin, Gang Green is faced with a hard truth: their best chance of winning is when Mason Crosby decides to be accurate.  With an offense “led” by the underwhelming, undersized Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay is forced to rely on the leg of a kicker that deservedly almost lost his job in 2012.  Perhaps more troubling, this victory still just gets them to third place in a stacked NFC North. Treading water and false hope are rapidly becoming the stock-in-trade of this once-proud franchise.

It would be unfair to neglect the fact that injuries are decimating this star-crossed squad. Beloved television pitchman/linebacker Clay Matthews is still recuperating from a broken combing and conditioning thumb, and now, receiver Randall Cobb is out for a minimum of eight weeks with a broken fibula.  Add to that a nagging injury to James Jones and Jordy Nelson’s inevitable 6-week bout as Patient Zero for a Legionnaires’ disease variant that’s in Ashwaubenon’s ground water, and Aaron Rodgers is quickly running out of receivers to yell at Mike McCarthy about.

This week, the Packers play the surprising Cleveland Browns in a late Sunday afternoon tilt at Daunte’s House.  Can the aging prima donna rally what remains of his offense against the Browns’ stingy defense?  What new product will Matthews endorse during his down time?  In an increasingly lost season, the answers to those questions are “unlikely at best” and “probably razors.”

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