Salary: Kill will make $2.1 million this year, and the salary will increase by $100,000 each year through 2018, for an average of $2.3 million.

Buyouts: If the Gophers fire Kill, they would owe him $600,000 — the amount of his base salary — for each remaining year of his contract. Likewise, if Kill leaves to take another head coaching job, he would owe them the same amount.

Jet: Kill has the use of a private jet for recruiting purposes, not to exceed 60 hours per year.

Health: The agreement is terminated if Kill is unable to coach for 90 consecutive days, or 70 days within the season because of health reasons. His pay would be suspended if he misses 45 consecutive days during the season. In those scenarios, Kill would be able to seek university disability benefits. The contract also states Kill and the university may mutually agree to transition him to a position other than head coach that would pay him $200,000 per year.

Bonuses: Like most Gophers coaching contracts, there are several bonus incentives. If the Gophers win five Big Ten games in one season, Kill would receive $50,000 — and $25,000 for each conference win on top of that. Kill would receive $50,000 for winning a bowl game, $75,000 if the team’s average grade-point average is greater than 3.0 and $50,000 if the team’s attendance averages more than 47,000.