The Minnesota campaign finance watchdog on Tuesday announced it had concluded its investigation into the Minnesota Republican Party.

The conclusion comes months after the state's Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board started looking at the party's financial dealing. The investigation resulted in a fine and revealed accounts that were in disarray and debt.

But after a painstaking accounting, the party is now in the clear.

"Based on the efforts of the RPM to file accurate amended reports, and the controls established by the party in 2012, the Board concludes that no further investigation into the [Republican Party of Minnesota] financial records is required or warranted," the board said in concluding the matter. "The Board finds that the Republican Party of Minnesota has filed amended year-end Report of Receipts and Expenditures for 2009, 2010, and 2011, that accurately disclose the party’s financial transactions during those years."

On Tuesday, the board also dinged the DFL House caucus for accepting a $300 campaign contribution it shouldn't have. The board found that the violation was unintentional and fined the House campaign committee $200.

Read that decision here.


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