I was loaded with trick questions for ­Danielle Wade when we met at the Habitat for Humanity house she was helping build in ­Crystal. Wade, who played Dorothy in the recent Ordway production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Wizard of Oz,” was a great sport, as you’ll see on startribune.com/video.

Burnsville’s Laura Osnes, who is ending her run on Broadway as “Cinderella,” is someone with whom Wade is going to be compared and she doesn’t mind. “She’s from here,” Wade said, more readily than she was able to remember the home state of a certain “Wizard of Oz” star.

“Love her,” said Wade. “I met her once when I saw ‘Cinderella.’ She was very nice. … I didn’t tell her, like, ‘You’re my hero.’ I was very cool, I think. I think I acted cool. I hope I did.”


Q: Andrew Lloyd Webber picked you himself?

A: Well, not directly. He picked the top 10 and then each week we sang a song.

Q: He seems scary?

A: He’s not scary. He is intimidating because he’s Andrew Lloyd Webber but he is genius. You just listen to him and you do what he says.

Q: Sir Lloyd Webber said you are somebody we’re going to be hearing about over the next decades. Does this mean we can expect you in a production of “Phantom of the Opera”?

A: I wish. Hopefully you’ll hear from me. I hope this isn’t just like a one-hit-wonder thing.

Q: What is the part of your talent you have to work the hardest to do proficiently?

A: I am an awful dancer. I have two left feet.

Q: Do you know where Judy Garland was born?

A: I don’t.

Q: Grand Rapids …

A: Minnesota! I did know that.

Q: Have you met Frances Ethel Gumm?

A: I don’t think so. I don’t know who that is. [So I told her.] Oh, I’m going to get in so much trouble not knowing all this Judy Garland stuff. My best friend is a Judy Garland fanatic. He’s going to kill me.

Q: What famous actor would you cast for a ­kissing scene?

A: Oh man. One day, if I ever have to kiss someone, well, obviously Ryan Gosling, ’cause he’s Canadian, too. Jake Gyllenhaal. If he just showed up, I’d be OK with that.

Q: I don’t have to ask how you and the Wicked Witch are getting along offstage because I have this picture from your Twitter account!

A: Yes, you have the picture. Oh, man. That is one of the best pictures, ever. So good.

Q: Do you have to be sweeter than sweet to play Dorothy?

A: I think sometimes you’ve got to be pretty sweet. But you have to be pretty tough too. That’s when all this [working on a Habitat for Humanity] comes in handy.

Q: Click your heels and tell me where you’ll be in 10 years.

A: Hopefully New York. I’d like to be on ­Broadway by then.

Q: Have you bonded with any of the Totos more than others?

A: We have two in this production, and I have to say I do not have a favorite because I have to stay unbiased. But they are soooo cute; they are rescue dogs.


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