KARE 11 meteorologist Sven Sundgaard has to tough out one last rabies shot cocktail on Tuesday.

It's not easy to work the word tough into this latest tale of a member of the animal kingdom falling in love with Sven. This time it's a bat; in 2011, it was a sun bear in Indonesia.

Sven doesn't look or sound very rugged in the CityPages.com interview about the lingering effects of a prophylactic round of rabies shots he had after he woke up with a bat on his face at the family cabin.

There is a photo of Sundgaard on the ride home from the doctor's office, and he's in the back seat on his stomach (arm muscles rippling fabulously) because it was too painful to sit on his buttocks. On Twitter, I joked that having a bat on his face hadn't suddenly caused @svensundgaard to sprout superhero muscles.

"....no, but needles through tush muscles!" do, Sundgaard replied. "...couldn't walk easily after! They supposedly get easier with 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds!"

I told Sven that you'd think a person with muscles like his would be tougher. I asked if a bigger, sturdier needle was used because of his buns of steel.

"lol. I don't think so. I'm a big baby with needles, esp those shots: particular pressure," wrote Sven.

When told that I am not a fan of needles being stuck into my body, Sven replied:

"Yes, blood draw is the worst! I have to lie down... I've passed out before."

The Twin Cities' favorite shirtless meteorologist is not sounding stalwart compared to my buddy Ben Heinemann, a former Minneapolis publicist who now is in Chicago. He didn't bat an eye about the pain three years ago after a flying rodent swooped around his Minneapolis apartment. Heinemann got the shots and flew right back to the office. Actually, he drove himself.

"I was DYING over the Sven story. Those pictures! Anyway, I don't nearly have the physique Sven does and man, he seems like such a baby! I was back at Roepke PR the next day sitting in my office chair like no big deal," said Heinemann.

"My favorite part of the City Pages story was where they said he should be able to ride in the passenger seat comfortably after the follow-up vaccinations. Funny, because I drove myself to and from the additional four shots. What a whiner!!!"

He offers one additional incentive for Sven: "At least I can get a job with the circus and be fully immune."

Who brought money?

The Internet is teaching Prince some manners, and the Entitled One cannot possibly appreciate this.

"It looks like the Internet has shamed Prince into shelling out cash for his meal on Friday: A rep for Michael White's Altamarea Group confirms to Grub that his manager called Costata yesterday afternoon to pay the bill — and left a $500 tip," writes Grubstreet.com.

It earlier reported that in New York "Prince waltzed into Costata 'with an Afro and a pimp cane.' His guests feasted; Prince drank Royal Blush Champagne-vodka cocktails. When the check came, Prince handed it to his security guard. The security guard then called Prince's manager, who realized that he forgot to give Prince money. The guard gave his number to the staff and said he'd follow up and pay the bill the next day."

Grubstreet also reported that Prince performed an "insane five-hour show at City Winery with Doug E Fresh and Larry Graham ..." At the "secret" City Winery show, following the $500 tip, Grubstreet reports that Prince remarked, "I'm really tired of people pleasing."

Well, I know you don't please non-concert-goers on purpose, Symbolina. (Related thought: The guitar tosser imbibes?)

Women in charge

With the elevation of Marian Davey to news director at Fox 9, three women are running Twin Cities' TV newsrooms.

The others are Jane Helmke at KARE 11 and Lindsay Radford at KSTP-TV.

Broadcast insiders believe this trio is a first for the market. Of course, Davey's boss, G.M. Carol Rueppel, is a woman, and WCCO-TV formerly had a woman G.M. when Jan McDaniel was there.

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