The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority Board on Wednesday will likely approve a measure that will award a contract to Meisinger Construction to repair a portion of the bus way at the Cedar Grove Transit Station that has deformed under heavy usage by Red Line BRT buses.

The asphalt surrounding the station's platform has been unable to withstand the stress of the buses, which stop in exactly in the same place to load and unload passengers. As a result, the asphalt has deformed and ruts have developed.

The asphalt will be removed and replaced with 8 inches of concrete. Work will be conducted Friday through Nov. 5. During construction, BRT service will continue at Cedar Grove but will be moved to the side of the station where regular MVTA buses load, said spokeswoman Robin Selvig.

Repairs will cost $25,400 according to the contract, and should be absorbed within the Red Line's operating budget, Selvig said.

The BRT Red Line began operating in June. Buses run along Cedar Avenue and stop only at designated stations, much like light-rail trains. The Red Line runs between the Mall of America and Apple Valley.

Three previous attempts to repave with asphalt have failed, according to MVTA Board documents. The concrete repair should last three to five years when MnDOT and Dakota County have indicated that access changes may be necessary.

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