‘9 til Midnight’

Continuing: Making art after working hours requires special dedication, as demonstrated by the 29 artists showing here. Members of Highpoint’s co-op studio, they pursue careers in other fields but retain a special affection for printmaking. Their recent work employs various media, styles and attitudes ranging from Roberta Allen’s poetic intaglios of “ghost trees” to Travis Trible’s lithographic musings on sleep, which he enigmatically envisions as bubbles rising from the deep. The show includes delicate little whirlwinds by Nancy Bolan, whimsical book illustrations by Miriam Rudolph (of an armadillo pulling a cloud through a parched landscape) and another of Brian Hartley Sago’s fascinating dips into Egyptian archaeology, in this case an intaglio of 19th-century French linguist/explorer Dominique Vivant Denon sketching a temple in the desert. Ellen Bogen’s beautiful fold-out monotype book is a special treat. Among the amusements is Mary Schaubschlager’s “Panic Forward,” the strangely saddled rabbit/camel shown here. (Ends Aug. 24. Free. Highpoint Center for Printmaking, 912 W. Lake St., Mpls. 612-871-1326 or www.highpointprintmaking.org.)