The crashes on westbound 94 at Johnson Pkwy. in St. Paul and the two on 494 (eastbound at Hwy. 100 and westbound at Nicollet Av.) have cleared. It will still take a few minutes for things to shake loose.

The slowest drives in the metro are on 35W in the north and on 94 in the east.

Plan on 20 to 25 minutes on southbound 35W from Hwy. 10 down to Hwy. 280. From there to downtown Minneapolis is another 10 to 15 minutes.

The push on westbound 94 is 40 minutes from Manning Avenue to downtown Minneapolis.

Southbound drivers on Hwy. 169 will encounter a traffic snarl as they approach Minnetonka Blvd. Things are better once you enter the work zone. Plan on 5 extra minutes there.

Eastbound 394 slows from General Mills Blvd. over to Wirth Pkwy., but it's nothing our of the ordinary.


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