A fender bender on the left shoulder at 57th Avenue and a rollover crash near Dowling Avenue has traffic bound up on southbound 94 heading into Minneapolis.

That's got traffic stagnated on southbound Hwy. 252 all the way back to Hwy. 610. Even westbound 610 traffic is creeping along. Plan on 28 minutes from Hwy. 610 to the Lowry Hill Tunnel.

Look for a three-vehicle injury crash on the 1100 block of Coon Rapids Blvd.

Our other hotspots at the moment:

Northbound 35E at Blackhawk Road. Left shoulder blocked.

Southbound 35W at 31st Street. Right lane blocked.

Northbound 35W at Washington Avenue. Left lane blocked. Traffic slows in the downtown curve.

Westbound 94/694 at Boone Avenue in Brooklyn Park.

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