Word from MnDOT is that the gates from southbound Hwy. 100 to the eastbound 94 carpool lane are still stuck in the down position, so drivers won't be able to enter the MnPASS lane.  That is because of power issues. Look for them to remain in the down position throughout the entire morning rush hour.

Drivers on southbound 35W probably wish they had a carpool lane. Commuters are stuck in a long lane of traffic from 95th Avenue down toI-694.  Plan on 18 minutes to reach Hwy. 280.

Traffic on 694 through the work zone, East River Road to Hwy. 252, is experiencing only minor delays.


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7:15 a.m. update: Delays continue on Hwy. 610

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6:05 a.m. update: Debris gone from 35E, lights out on Hiawatha