The world is full of signals these days, with the prevalence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and other technologies that help us connect wirelessly. But sometimes you don’t want your device bombarded with radio waves — particularly if you are looking to protect sensitive information on your device. That is where Silent Pocket’s device sleeves come in.

The cases can be a defense against high-tech pickpockets who can use a number of different technologies to pilfer information from your laptop or smartphone.

These sleeves will block all signals, including cellular and GPS, around your device — meaning they also can result in a few minutes with no distractions of notifications or phone calls.



A ‘smart home’ also needs to be secure

Those jumping into the smart-home trend — or even just concerned about intruders on your home network — may want to consider upgrading the least sexy gadget of them all: the router.

F-Secure Sense is one of a handful of routers that are specifically designed to protect your home against hackers who have gotten adept at hacking into smart toasters, fridges and other smart appliances as part of broader attacks.

Even if your home isn’t being targeted with an attack, hackers can still use your devices to attack others — which can slow down your network and, of course, runs the risk of compromising your privacy.

The F-Secure Sense requires a $9.90 monthly subscription for security services after the first year.

Like other smart routers, it pairs with an app on your phone to let you manage your network and be notified of any potential problems. It also works as a perfectly good router, if you decide the extra security doesn’t fit your needs.



Added layer of security at your home’s door

The Schlage Connect Lock brings your door into the smart home equation. It connects to your Wi-Fi router so you can program it from your phone. It has a numeric touch pad that allows you to program temporary codes for a dog walker or house guests, for example.